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I was a latecomer to Yuri!!! On Ice. Although it captured my interest from the handful of graphics and discussions I happened across, I set it aside for a long time. Somehow I knew the experience would be painful for me. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to have my heart ripped out and have it be bared to—what felt like at the time—the world, especially given the series’ incredible and well-deserved popularity. As selfish as it may sound, I wanted my experience with it to be personal and intimate, afraid of what it would reveal to me of myself.

So I waited. After the series came to an end and discussion died down, I picked it up in late December 2016 on a whim. Even though I knew it would impact me deeply, I was still not prepared. Each episode found me reduced to tears. There was so much I could relate to in this series and watching it was an incredibly cathartic experience. If you haven’t watched it yet for whatever reason: do it.

What I love most about the series is being able to see all of the characters have their own personal space to grow and develop. The main protagonist, Yuri, is no exception. From rediscovering himself and his passion to discovering love, Yuri’s entire journey is encompassed in “Yuri On ICE.”

In music, a reprise is a “repetition of a phrase or verse” or a “return to an original theme.” However, it can also mean “to repeat or resume an action.” (cr.) While it is one of the series' most recurring songs, “Yuri On ICE” is also a song that nourishes Yuri’s growth—a song that encourages him to embrace love and renew his dreams. Although he performs his free skate with this same song over and over again throughout the series, his performance is never the same. It continues to grow and develop alongside Yuri himself as he encounters different challenges, takes risks and, ultimately, overcomes.

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Composed by Taro Umebayashi (梅林太郎), “Yuri On ICE” is a song
from the anime series, Yuri!!! On Ice (ユーリ!!! on ICE).

Prior to the series' premiere, it was used in the series' first official
teaser trailer. The song makes its first appearance in the series
at the end of the fourth episode, “Like Yourself... And Complete
the Free Program!!” It is the third track on the series' official
soundtrack, Oh! Sketra!!! Yuri!!! On Ice / Original Skate Song Collection
(Oh! スケトラ!!! ユーリ!!! on ICE/オリジナル・スケートソングCOLLECTION),
which was released on December 21, 2016.

In the anime itself, the song is composed by Ketty Abelashvili, a music student who befriended Yuri Katsuki and Phichit Chulanont while the two were studying abroad in Detriot. Initially, Yuri intended to use a piece she composed for him for his free skate program. However, it was dismissed by his coach at the time and, due to that rejection, Yuri and Ketty drifted apart.

Once Yuri begins training under the famed Russian figure skater, Victor Nikiforov, he reconnects with Ketty and asks her once more to compose a song for his free skate. Thus, "Yuri On ICE" is born.

A little more than a year later after the anime's release, "Yuri On ICE" would make an appearance in the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. The pair skater team from Japan, Miu Suzaki and Ryuichi Kihara, brought the song to life on ice in a stunning performance.
To listen to the song, use the accompanying player above. If it's not working for some reason, you can also refer to this YouTube video. The song is available for purchase on iTunes here.

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Although I tried to use screencaps from the different performances of “Yuri On ICE,” I ended up using ones from the final performance instead. The overlap of past and present, Yuri’s memory of discovering his love and passion for the sport and Victor—it was a scene that touched me deeply, and so I wanted to incorporate it into the layout... somehow. The arrangement of images might make more sense if you've watched the series, but hopefully I've managed to convey my meaning regardless!

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